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What is Chilly Willee?

• A delicious, non-carbonated,
soft ice drink available in many tasty fruit flavors

• Sold at refreshment and concession stands
to keep you refreshed and happy!

• A family favorite for more than 30 years! Kids and
Adults love the taste!

The Richest Fruit Flavors

The Industry’s Most Convenient Soft Ice Dispenser

Dependable Service and Qualified Technicians
Make for Happy Customers and Great Profit Margin


Chilly Willee 2000 Dispenser

CW2000 Requirements

Troubleshooting Tips

Chilly Willee National, Inc.
80 Industrial Loop N, Bldg 2
Orange Park, FL 32073
Toll-free: 800-256-6670
Fax: 904-264-9232

Assorted Fruit

CW2000 Dispensing Unit Requirements:

• Electrical: 115 Volts, Single Phase, 60 cycle Grounded, 15 AMP
• Plumbing: 25-40 PSI Water Pressure, Cold Water Supply, No Drain Required. Unit will not fill properly if water pressure drops below 25 PSI

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